> Highest Authorities (University Board, Rector's Office, Senate)
> Business Management (Director ..., Staff Departments, Staff Offices ...)
> Dean of Studies

Probe des EUphony Youth Orchestra 2013 mit O. Sallaberger Foto: KUG/Leis

Artistic-Scientific Facilities (Institutes, Doctoral Schools, Centre for Gender Studies)

Bueüro der Geschaeftsfuehrung; Foto: KUG/Wenzel

Service Facilities (from the Career Service Center to the Study Center)

> Represen-tatives  (Committees, Austrian National Union of Students ...)
> Legal Autho-rities for KUG

Hauptgebaeude der Uni Graz mit Fahne; Foto: Uni Graz/Presse + Kommunikation

> External Mentors (University Graz, Graz University of Technology)

> Further Facilities (Society of Friends ..., Priores)