1. International Clare Fischer Symposium

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  • 26.07.2012
  • tim

I was a student of Clare's. I would like to see the program outline from the 2010 conference about him and his music.

I long for you edric, llets run away together and he toatlly rejects her. oh yeah and in the won't go home without you video by maroon 5 edric should like toatlly change his mind and then he comes back he sees her with connor. oh and when tania rejects edric's proposal they should play put a ring on it by beyonce. And at the battle in book 3 they should play never say never by the fray and somewhere in one of the movies they should play hot and cold cuz really thay all act kinda bipolar not like the actual disease but moodswings and all. and in book one when tania comes back for edric in the dungeon they should play bleeding love and when oberon is kicked off the thrown they canplay viva la vida and it would be funny if somehow they played damaged by danity kane cuz edric damager her heart and connor can fix it like in the lyrics yah

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