General Information about the KUGcard

The KUGcard, on the one hand, serves as identification for students and university employees as well as external library users (identity function) and, on the other hand, gives them the right to use the services and resources offered by KUG (resource function).

The chip found on the KUGcard contains Mifare ID which is linked to one person only: the person on the card (KUGonline). All further services and resources will be conducted through this person.

The introduction of this KUGcard means that services at the Kunstuniversität Graz have been improved and administrative procedures have been simplified and automated.

Data protection and data security are of the utmost importance. In addition to the information visible on the outside of the card, including the date of birth (for clarity), no further personal information has been stored. The card serves primarily as an interface to other databases and not as a bearer of data itself.

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