How can I add credit to my KUGcard for making private copies and printouts?

There are two ways to deposit funds onto your KUGcard:
a) Moneyloader Stations:
You can add credit to your card at such stations by means of cash (bills only, no coins). The locations of Moneyloader Stations are:

  • Library: Bibliothek (Brandhofgasse 17-19), entrance area
  • Reiterkaserne (Leonhardstraße 82), entrance area
  • Oberschützen, first floor hallway

b) Cashless deposit by means of Paysafe technology (Wirecard)
Through this web site: you can deposit money online to your KUGcard by means of the following ways of payment:

  • Credit cards: VISA & MasterCard
  • instant money transfer from your bank account (Sofortü
  • per mobile phone account (

For further assistance, please consult: Operating Instructions