How can the card’s validity endorsement be printed?

This takes place at the KUGcard extension stations. These are terminals with card readers and card printers that are freely accessible to students. Here the software application in the extension station checks with KUGonline to determine whether or not the requirements for an extension of privileges have been met. If these requirements have been fulfilled, the card will automatically be validated again for the new length of time and will be printed with the new validity date. If these requirements have not been met, the card will be printed with the script „ungültig“ (invalid) on the typescript area of the card (the extension stripes on the reverse side). In this case, please contact the employees in the Registrar’s Office (

Extension Station Locations:
1.    Oberschützen - 1. Stock im Gang
2.    Palais Meran - EG, Bereich Ehrentafeln
3.    Brandhofgasse 17/19 – entrance area, ground floor
4.    Reiterkaserne - entrance area, ground floor
5.    Moserhofgasse 39 – first floor hallway
6.    Bürgergasse – second floor – student and communal area