Reports, Figures, Facts

The main tasks of reporting are:

  • compliance with obligations to report as required by law,
  • the provision of information for internal and external units,
  • and presentation of KUG on an extramural level by publishing selected data and facts.


The obligations to report as required by law include:

  • Intellectual capital statement: a comprehensive survey of the intellectual capital of universities in the form of key figures in the fields of human capital, structural capital, relational structural capital and the core processes of teaching and further education, research and development as well as the development and the unfolding of the arts. In addition, a narrative presentation of the sphere of action as well as of targets and strategies of the university are required, too. For the first intellectual capital statement supplied in April 2006 only narrative sections and a reduced number of key figures were compulsory. As from 2007 the complete intellectual capital statement must be provided.
  • Activity report: in 2005, 2006 and 2007 the university has to submit an activity report on the respective previous year which has to refer to the university’s entire range of services. As from 2008 the activity report shall be replaced by the performance report.
  • Performance report: as from 2008 a performance report shall be established for the first time on the basis of the performance agreement to be concluded for the years 2007 to 2009 between the university and the Federal Government.

Reports from KUG:


Collective Agreement:


Regulations with regard to intellectual capital statement (German only):

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