Sustainability at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz

Sustainability is our concern

KUG pledges to comply with the principle of sustainability and to keep responsible social intercourse with one another and to use natural resources sustainably. It wants to serve as a model for a livable society which is fit for the future in the long run. For all major decisions aspects of sustainability shall be taken into account increasingly in the future.

It is our conviction that only sustainable thinking and acting can create a livable environment for many generations both in social and ecologic terms to bring about a “climatic change” in society which will allow to overcome social, bank, economic and environmental crises and to develop new values.

Being aware of its sociocultural role, KUG puts special emphasis on domains of social sustainability as society is defined by the way how persons with different potentials are treated. For us, diversity means the strength that enables us to learn from each other from different angles. The network of our renowned artists should help aspects of sustainability gaining attention in public on an international level.

Key Subjects

1. Art & Sustainability

  • Promotion of Young


2. Social Sustainability


3. Ecological Sustainability