Sustainability4U - The Sustainability Quartet of the four Graz-based Universities

With the initiative Sustainability4U the four Graz-based universities (University of Graz, Medical University of Graz, University of Music and Performing Arts and University of Technology) have embarked upon a close cooperation. It aims at playing a pioneering role on a local, national and international level for a network of universities. At a meeting of the four rectors in December 2008 it was agreed to create a network of the four Graz-based universities with regard to sustainability in Graz. In this context a strategic body for consulting, development and action named Sustainability 4U was initiated for the four rector’s offices. In this body every university is represented by at least two persons who are charged with the process of sustainable development at their respective university.

On the basis of ecological, economic, social and institutional principles of sustainable development, the mission of the action group Sustainability4U is to (re)act on intramural, inter-university, regional, national and global challenges and chances.

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