For the selection of opera works to be performed it should be taken care to offer the audience attractive artistic events in the interest of arts-based research in the region.

As a major contribution to arts-based research which is supposed to open access to current developments of opera, the University oder Music and Performing Arts Graz organizes the Johann-Joseph-Fux Competition for Opera Composition and is partner of the international competition for directing and stage design, “ring.award”, and has entered a cooperation with the Graz Opera House for the joint project “Opern der Zukunft” (“Operas of the Future”). In addition, short operas of our students of composition shall be incorporated in the program of MUMUTH as a contribution to drama events performed at this venue.

These arts-based research activities are made available for an artistic debate and scientific research in a sustainable way using comprehensive multimedia documentation on CD or DVD or on the Website of the University oder Music and Performing Arts Graz.

The innovative infrastructural platform for opera is MUMUTH. As an artistic research laboratory with variable acoustics, modifiable topography, sophisticated light design and a 3D loudspeaker dome it provides for a “designable” venue for productions of the University of Arts.

Professor Barbara Beyer (music dramatic performance/staging) and Professor Frank Cramer (music dramatic performance/musical interpretation) who have been working at the institute since winter term 2009/2010 received huge media response with their first production.

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