Research Cluster Musicology

At the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz the academic field of musicology is not only represented to an above-average extent when compared with other universities. Special leading profiles result in particular from the fact that fields or disciplines hardly represented at other musicology departments play a major role at the Universizty of Music and Performing Arts Graz in a national framework and sometimes even beyond. Apart from the disciplines of History of Alpine Music and Contemporary Music today’s central focuses on musicology include Jazz Research, Aesthetics of Music (Musical Criticism and Aesthetical Research), Electronic Music and Acoustics as well as Ethnomusicology. These disciplines, however, are anchored only rarely at other universities in German-speaking countries. The unique concentration of all these important fields in one location promotes in a special way the interdisciplinary exchange and conception of future-oriented research projects for which third party funds are to be acquired competitively with the respective research promotion organizations, like FWF for instance. Therefore, excellent opportunities open up in Graz allowing the long-needed education of a highly qualified young generation of academics. Based on the individual peak performances of individual scientists and departments a research cluster shall be created through interdisciplinary networking which is supposed to establish musicology as an internationally perceptible academic field of excellence of University for Music and Perfroming Arts Graz even beyond the interuniversity studies of musicology which have been quite successful already in the past.