Department Theatre Studies and Dramaturgy

The fields of research of the department of theater studies and dramaturgy anchored in Institute 9 are theater historiography and dramaturgy, while the methodological approaches are orientated towards cultural science and work analysis: German and Austrian history of theater since the 18th century; theater avant-garde; theater during National Socialism and history of exile theater; cultural and art policy in Austria since 1945; drama and performance analyses; latest dramaturgies. Research of Dramaturgy as a new scientific field of research is part of the theater studies.

There are strong connections to the works of artists, because Dramaturgy constitutes an ideal interface for arts-based research on the one hand as an artistic field of theatrical practice and on the other hand as a sub-division of theater studies and/or poetics.

Spokeswoman: O.Univ.Prof. Dr.phil. Evelyn Deutsch-Schreiner