Franz Schubert und die Musik der Moderne 2018

9. Internationaler Wettbewerb "Franz Schubert und die Musik der Moderne" 2015
Duo für Gesang und Klavier (Lied) | Trio für Klavier, Violine und Violoncello | Streichquartett
Live-Mitschnitte aller drei Durchgänge sowie des Galakonzertes der PreisträgerInnen am 12.02.2015 (Vol. 51, 2 CDs)

Every three years we produce a CD that records a summary of the International Competition “Franz Schubert and Modern Music”. This CD documents the 10th in the competition series, which marked many innovations: composition competitions in the foreground, a special prize for audience engagement, assistance in the areas of career advice and guidance, along with numerous opportunities for all participants to gain feedback and a great deal more, serving as an enriching and stimulating experience for all those young people embarking on careers in a profession that is as competitive as it is artistic.

Yet what has remained the same over all these years is the special challenge of this chamber music competition, namely to win over a distinguished jury in the three categories: Duo for Voice and Piano (Lied), Trio for Piano, Violin and Violoncello and String Quartet, not only with the music of Franz Schubert but also through the interpretation of modern music.

The announcement of this competition stated:
“...with this competition, we are looking for creative, imaginative and curious individuals who can play music at a high level and whose way of playing chamber music together enables them to reach and move their audience in a variety of ways...” Maybe you experienced up close how the contestants succeeded in achieving this objective during the competition – in any event, listening to this CD now gives you the opportunity to
form an impression.

We offer our warmest congratulations to those young musicians and our best wishes for their future professional endeavours.
Elisabeth von Magnus, Vice Rector for Arts



Disc 1

  • Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
    Streichquartett G-Dur D 887: 4. Allegro assai [10:36]

  • Franz Schubert
    Der Einsame op. 41 D 800 (Lappe) [04:17]

  • Franz Schubert
    Rastlose Liebe op. 5/1 D 138 (Goethe) [01:15]

  • Richard Dünser (*1959)
    Geh unter, schöne Sonne (Hölderlin) [04:06]

  • Franz Schubert
    Auflösung D 807 (Mayrhofer) [02:27]

  • Stefan Wolpe (1902-1972)
    Drei Lieder nach Gedichten von Erich Kästner: 3. Ansprache einer Bardame [04:14]
    Kimberely BOETTGER-SOLLER, Mezzo-soprano & Melissa GORE, Piano

  • Juan de Dios Magdaleno (*1984)
    Strange Attractors (2014) [09:59]

  • Franz Schubert
    Klaviertrio B-Dur (Sonatensatz) D 28 [11:36]

  • Toshio Hosokawa (*1955)
    Silent Flowers (1998) [13:27]

Disc 2

  • Franz Schubert
    Prometheus D 674 (Goethe) [04:45]

  • Viktor Ullmann (1898-1944)
    Liederbuch des Hafis op. 30 (Bethge): 1. Vorausbestimmung [01:59]

  • Yrjö Kilpinen (1892-1959)
    Lieder um den Tod op. 62 (Morgenstern): 3. Der Tod und der einsame Trinker [01:20), 5. Der Säemann [00:58]

  • Arnold Schönberg (1874-1951)
    Zwei Gesänge op. 1: 1. Dank (Levetsow) [05:33)
    Andreas BEINHAUER, Baritone & Anna GRACZYKOWSKA, Piano

  • Ayaz Gambarli (*1984)
    Resistance of Elements (2014) [10:34]

  • Franz Schubert
    Die Blumensprache D 519 (Platner?) [02:24]

  • John Musto (*1954)
    Dove sta amore: 1. Maybe (Sandburg) [02:04]

  • Einojuhani Rautavaara (*1928)
    Die Liebenden (Rilke): 3. Die Liebende [03:44]

  • Dmitri Schostakowitsch (1906-1975)
    Satiren op. 109 (Tschorny): 5. Kreutzer-Sonate [04:45]
    Pia Salome BOHNERT, Soprano & Linda LEINE, Piano

  • Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
    Streichquartett op. 33/1 [13:08]