Coronavirus: The KUG measures

Overview of the most important measures

++ The 3-G-Rule applies at the KUG! ++ 

++ Report (suspected) COVID-19 cases to ++

  • For entrance to the KUG, the KUG 3-G-Rule will apply in all houses from 27.09.2021: vaccinated, recovered or tested (ATTENTION: Shortened validity period of test certificates at KUG), plus compulsory registration at the entrance.
  • Teaching in presence is possible without restrictions. Teachers and students show each other the 3-G proof in class.
  • 3-G checkers support compliance with the rules.
  • Practising at the KUG is possible without restrictions; when collecting the keys, the 3-G proof must be shown to the respective building supervisor.
  • The current 3-G rules of the Austrian Federal Government apply to event visitors.
  • General university staff are also bound by the KUG 3-G-Rule. Control via direct supervisors
  • FFP2 mask mandatory in all circulation areas


  • Washing and disinfecting your hands, coughing etiquette!
  • Please air regularly!