Department of Evaluation, Quality Assurance and Reporting (in particular Intellectual Capital Statement)

The tasks of this Department include the organization and execution of quality assurance measures to assure quality not only in the fields of education, research, development and unfolding of the arts but also in administration, and to find a potential for improvement, and to support the involved persons with regard to the development of quality. In addition, this Department is responsible for internal and external reporting (e.g. intellectual capital statement, performance report) at KUG and for the improvement of reporting quality. To be able to provide best possible information about the array of services at KUG, this Department requires the active support of KUG’s entire staff by making available data and facts. The Department endeavors to fulfill these tasks by finding a balance between legal provisions, customer orientation and transparency in workflows.


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  • Head | Qualitätsmanagerin

Mag.phil. Marion Gottinger

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  • Statistiker

B.Sc. MSc Alexander Loder

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  • Referentin

Melanie Hermann

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  • Qualitätsmanagerin

Mag.phil. Dr.rer.soc.oec. MA Daniela Wagner

  • Phone: +43 316 389 1205
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