Doctoral School for Scholarly Doctoral Studies

Alcántara, Victor
Aspects of Counterpoint and Bilateral Symmetry in Linear Jazzpiano-Improvisation
Supervisors: Franz Krieger, Franz Kerschbaumer, Robert W. Wason (University of Rochester)
Finished: 06/2017

Baumgartner, Robert
Modeling sound localization in sagittal planes for human listeners
Supervisors: Robert Höldrich, Gerhard Eckel, Steven van de Par (Uni Oldenburg)
Finished: 07/2015

Bosch, Vanessa
How piano teachers deal with dropouts in tuition. A qualitative study
Supervisors: Silke Kruse-Weber, Manuela Paechter (KFU Graz), Stefan Hörmann (Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg)
Finished: 03/2017

Eisler, Alfred
The stylistic elements underlying the development of the musical language of the guitarist Karl Ratzer

Supervisors: Franz Kerschbaumer, Franz Krieger, Richard Parncutt (KFU Graz)
Finished: 03/2013

Efthimiou, Charalampos
About the instrumentation of the melody line in Mozart´s early symphonies
Supervisors: Peter Revers, Klaus Aringer, Hartmut Krones (MDW)
Finished: 05/2013

Egger, Katharina
Binaural Timing Sensitivity in Multiple Electrode Stimulation
Supervisors: Robert Höldrich, Piotr Majdak, Werner Hemmert (TU Munich)
Finished: 06/2017

Frank, Matthias
Comparison of stereophonic and ambisonic phantom-sources
Supervisors: Robert Höldrich, Gerhard Eckel, Jens Blauert (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
Finished: 08/2013

Gabrielli, Giulia 
Catalogue of Cantus planus and Cantus fractus Music Manuscripts in Bolzano/Bozen and Bressanone/Brixen
Supervisors: Franz Karl Praßl, Klaus Aringer, Marco Gozzi (Università degli Studi, Trento)
Finished: 11/2015

Goudarzi, Visda
Systematic Procedure to Develop Sonifications
Supervisors: Robert Höldrich, Gerhard Eckel, Jonathan Berger (CCRMA, Stanford, USA)
Finished: 03/2017

Guldenschuh, Markus 
Adaptive Methods for Active Noise Cancellation Headphones 
Supervisors: Robert Höldrich, Gerhard Eckel, Walter Kellermann (Universität Erlangen)
Finished: 09/2014

Konfic, Lucija
Giuseppe Michele Stratico's Theoretical Treatises: Lo spirito Tartiniano and Trattato di musica
Supervisors: Klaus Aringer, Franz Karl Praßl, Stanislav Tuksar (Universität Zagreb)
Finished: 07/2017

Miklos, Reka
The Ordinal A-Gu 1566. Edition and Commentary
Supervisors: Franz Karl Praßl, Klaus Aringer, Erich Renhart (KFU Graz)
Finished: 11/2016

Sharif, Malik
Charles Seeger and Twenty-First-Century Musicologies:
A Critical Assessment of his Meta-Musicological Thinking
Supervisors: Gerd Grupe, Helmut Brenner, Richard Parncutt (KFU Graz)
Finished: 05/2017

Sofer, Danielle
Making Sex Sound: Erotic Currents in Electronic Music
Supervisors: Andreas Dorschel, Gerhard Eckel, Gascia Ozounian (University of Oxford)
Finished: 06/2016

Ziegelwanger, Harald
Numerical Calculation of Individual Head-Related Transfer Functions of Human Listeners
Supervisors: Robert Höldrich, Gerhard Eckel, Holger Waubke (ÖAW)
Finished: 06/2016