University Board

The University Board is a supervisory board of the university. According to section 21 of the University Act 2002 it, among other things, is in charge of electing the rector, adopting and approving the rules of procedure of the Rector’s Office and approving the balance of accounts, the performance report, the intellectual capital statement, the development plan and the draft performance agreement. In addition, it fulfills monitoring obligations with respect to the rector and the rector’s office in case of imminent serious infringements (section 21) and failure by the rector’s office or senate (sections 20 and 47).


To the outside, the University Board acts as a mediator between KUG and its institutions on the one hand and between the state and society on the other hand.

The members of the University Board are neither bound by orders nor by instructions.

  • Vorsitzender

Prof. Herwig Hösele

  • Stellvertreterin

Dkfm. Wilhelmine Goldmann

  • Mitglied

Dr. Thomas Königstorfer

  • Mitglied

Mag.iur. Ulrike Krauß-Mogel

  • Mitglied

Prof. Reinhart von Gutzeit


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