Arbitration Commission

The Arbitration Commission of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz consists of six members. The Senate, University Board and the Study Group for Issues of Equal Treatment shall each nominate one male and one female member of the Commission for a term of office of two years. For each member so appointed, two qualified deputy members shall be appointed.


The work of the Arbitration Commission includes mediating tasks for the settlement of disputes and the taking of decisions in case of complaints of the Study Group for Issues of Equal Treatment about


gender discrimination

ethnic discrimination

religious or ideological discrimination

age discrimination

sexual orientation discriminiation


caused by the decision of a university institution. This also applies to the procedure of the election of the rector.


With the amendment of the University Act of 2009 the field of competence of the Arbitration Commission was extended by the decisions on defenses of incorrect makeup of the Study Group for Issues of Equal Treatment and on defenses of defectiveness of nomination by the Study Group for Issues of Equal Treatment and also if the members of a collegial body for no objective reason have not a 50% women´s quota.

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Dr. Lothar Matzenauer

Ao.Univ.Prof. Mag. Dr. Katharina Ursula Scherke

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Dr. Paula Aschauer

  • E-Mail

Dr. Prof. Werner Hauser

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Ass.Prof. DI Dr. Evelyn Krall

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Mag. Alfred Tanczos

  • E-Mail Privatdozent Prof. Gerhard Freiinger

  • Phone: +43 316 389 3289
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Regina Lammer

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Sanel Omerovic

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  • Generalsekretärin Internationale Wettbewerbe

Mag.rer.nat. Britta Reininghaus

  • Phone: +43 316 389 1142, 1900
  • E-Mail Dr.phil. Gudrun Rottensteiner

  • Phone: +43 316 389 3512
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Ass.Prof. Dr. Armin Stolz

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Leonhardstraße 15

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