Study Center

The study centre provides the administrative basis of the teaching and studying activities at KUG. Thus, we support the artistic-scientific facilities in teaching und examination as well as the students in studying. Our aim is that in all aspects of studying and teaching, unobstructed procedures and efficient services ensure the best possible general conditions and all legal requirements are observed.


The study centre supports the academic officials, the university management, and the other administrative units in their duties and responsibilities in addition. Thereby, we make remarkable contributions to the successful operation of our university even beyond the activities in teaching and studying.


  • Referentin

MA Andrea Grinschgl

  • Projektmitarbeiterin für Online-Studienadministration

BA M.A. Nina Leiter

  • Phone: +43 316 389 1318
  • E-Mail

  • Koordinatorin für das Lehramtsstudium

MA Andrea Schreiner

  • Phone: +43 316 389 1319
  • E-Mail

  • Direktor des Studiencenters

Mag.rer.nat. Dr.rer.nat. Harald Lothaller

  • Phone: +43 316 389 1204
  • E-Mail

Ana Jovic

BA Renata Zima