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Hermann Götz 

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Joachim Schauer / Gerhard Stokan

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Federal Ministry of Education, Science, and Research

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Tasks of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz 
According to § 3 University Law 2002, the university fulfils the following tasks within its scope: 

  1. Development of the sciences (research and teaching), the arts, and the education of the arts 
  2. Education through scholarship and through the development of the arts
  3. Vocational training in research, the arts, artistic pedagogy, and artistic research; vocational qualifications for professional activities; the application of scholarly knowledge and methods; the training of artistic and scholarly skills at the highest levels
  4. Education and promotion of young scholars and artists 
  5. Further education, in particular of university graduates 
  6. Coordination of scholarly research (development of the arts) and education within the university 
  7. Support of national and international cooperation in the fields of scholarly research and education in the arts 
  8. Supporting the implementation of research results in practice and supporting the inclusion of results from research and development in the arts 
  9. Equality between women and men, and women´s promotion
  10. Maintaining contact with graduates of the university
  11. Informing the public about the tasks and activities of the university 

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