Music: Free Databases

Among others, it includes the following newspapers: Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung, Österreichische Musik- und Theaterzeitung, Neue Wiener Musik-Zeitung, Deutsche Musik-Zeitung 

Bayerisches Musiker-Lexikon Online (“Bavarian Online Lexicon of Musicians”, BMLO) is a virtual reference work about persons in the history of music of Bavaria.

BMS online is an international, interactive, and freely usable bibliography for musicology. It is published by the Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung Preußischer Kulturbesitz in Berlin and is the continuation of the versions printed until the year under review of 1988. At present, BMS provides information about writings with regard to music as of 1986. The retrospective supplementation of the data is currently in progress.

Commercially available sound carriers with classical music (real-time updates).

Data base containing guitar scores (pdf).

More than 16,000 composers including biographical data and links to the World Biographic Index provided that they are listed there.

German digital magazine archive.

Lexicon of songs of the German Archive of Folk Song.

Lexicon of persecuted musicians of the Nazi era (University of Hamburg).

Database with approx. 17,000 song texts (with translations).

The mica – music austria music database is an information system about Austria’s musical life on the Internet which has been developed and operated by mica – music austria with the support of, and in cooperation with the Österreichischer Komponistenbund (Austrian Association of Composers, ÖKB).

International database of doctoral theses in musicology.

Virtual library with precious manuscripts and prints of music.

Factual database with data about persons and institutions dealing with music or music drama.

Virtual library with scores in the public domain and music editions of composers who would like to provide the world with their works for free.

Die hier im Online-Katalog angebotene Datenbank enthält ca. 700.000 Nachweise fast ausschließlich von Musikhandschriften. Sie überliefern Werke von ca. 25.000 Komponisten. Die bisher als CD-ROM oder Internetdatenbank veröffentlichten Daten zur Serie A/II: Musikhandschriften nach 1600 sind in diesem Online-Katalog enthalten.