Collection of Musical Instruments

As of summer 2008, the borrowing and management of musical instruments have become the area of responsibility of the university library.

Since July, instruments which can be borrowed from KUG (except for keyboard instruments such as grand piano, upright pianos, harpsichords and organs including accessories) are housed in a specially adapted room (K58A) in the basement of the library next to the basement stock for books. Responsible for the borrowing and management of musical instruments is Mr. Matthias Czaschke.

In the future, the borrowing of instruments will be EDP-supported by means of the library management system. The musical instruments available for borrowing can be searched online as a special media group (“Musical Instruments”) in the Online catalog (WWW-OPAC) of KUG’s university library.

In the OPAC professional search Notations of Classification and Community of Interests are available for the search of musical instruments (--> Open register “A-Z”):




Examples of classification:

Classification / NotationCommunity of Interests
M4Musical instrument: Accordion
M11Musical instrument: Violin
M12Musical instrument: Violin (ganze)
M13Musical instrument: Viola
M14Musical instrument: Violoncello
M15Musical instrument: Violoncello (ganzes)
M16Musical instrument: Viola da gamba
M17Musical instrument: Double bass
M18Musical instrument: Flute
M19Musical instrument: Oboe



Examples of community of interests:

Community of InterestsNotation
Musical instruments on loan: AccordionM4
Musical instruments on loan: RecorderM29
Musical instruments on loan: BassoonM22
Musical instruments on loan: Guitar, Lute, Harp, E-Bass, DulcimerM28

Rules and regulations for the use of musical instruments on loan (in progress).
Collection of musical instruments for borrowing from the library

Brandhofgasse 17/19
8010 Graz, phone: 389-2163
Basement, K58A (access through main entrance of UBKUG)