Special Collections

The collection of rare books or special items comprises some 10,000 particularly precious works including music autographs, manuscripts of music, letters, first and early prints of music (17th – 19th century), Musica theoretica before 1900, facsimile editions, photos.


Opening Hours of the Special Collections

Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (and by arrangement).



Main focus is put on the estate of composers, mainly of Styrian composers. The library houses the following compositional estates and lifetime donations and collections:

Aigner, Heinrich Franz (1909-1970)
Binder, Adolf (1845-1901)
Böhm, Hippolyt (1875-1942), publisher and concert management [archive and collection]
Böhm, Karl (1894-1981)
Brunner, Eduard (1843-1903) und Familie
Buttlar-Stubenberg, Anna von (1821-1912)
David, Johann Nepomuk (1895-1977) [Teilnachlaß]
Doppler, Adolf (1850-1906)
Frodl, Karl (1873-1943)
Gindl, Ludwig (1888-1915)
Gretler, Hans (1885-1953)
Haidmayer, Karl (*1927)
Hauser, Irene (?1915-2005)
Hüttenbrenner, Anselm (1794-1864), (permanent loan)
Kodolitsch, Michaela von (1875-1935)
Kojetinsky, Maximilian (1906-1986)
Koringer, Franz (1921-2000)
Kubizek, Wolfgang Gerhard (1959-2008), (permanent loan)
Marckhl, Erich (1902-1980)
Nagele, Albert (1927-1999)
Pless, Hans (1884-1966)
Preßl, Hermann Markus (1939-1994), permanent loan)
Rankl, Karl (1898-1968)
Schuchlenz, Franz (1902-1985)
Simmon, Jakob (ca. 1870-1966)
Skolaude, Walter (1910-1989)
Stekl, Konrad (1901-1979)
Suchsland, Leopold (1871-1943)
Takács, Jenö (1902-2005), (permanent loan of Haydnhaus Eisenstadt)
Wagner, Rudolf (1851-1915)
Wagnes, Josef (1891-1979), (permanent loan)
Wallner, Alarich (1922-2005)
Wamlek, Hans (1892-1959)
Wamser, Erich Gottfried (*1921)
Wiefler, Florian (1908-2000)
Zois, Hans von (1861-1924)

Comprehensive information about special collections can be found in the Online catalog (OPAC).