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Coronavirus (COVID-19): The measures of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG)

Based on the traffic light system of the Austrian Federal Government, a flexible concept of measures was developed for the winter semester 2020/21, which enables to plan as far ahead as possible at KUG.

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Our measures as currently defined will follow the traffic light alert level for the region ( each site is in. (Note: Oberschützen is in the district of Oberwart.) The specific details are governed by the risk assessment indicated by the traffic light alert level.

The standard hygiene rules in effect generally (e.g. washing or disinfecting hands, cleaning pianos, etc.) are supplemented by the following measures, which should prevent COVID-19 from spreading at KUG:

  1. Maintaining a minimum distance from others appropriate to the situation
  2. Wearing a face mask in all circulation areas
  3. Regulating room use and ventilation
  4. Documenting building access for contract-tracing purposes

If the traffic light alert level for the Graz/Oberwart region is green:

1) You must maintain a minimum distance from other people as detailed below. This distance is measured from the middle of one chair to the middle of the next or from the middle of your body to the next person.

  • Activities not involving physical exertion: 1.5 meters
  • Activities involving physical exertion (playing music, practical drama lessons, etc.): 2 meters (or use a shield)
  • Flute-playing, speaking and solo-singing: 2.5 meters (or use a shield)
  • Choir singing: 1.5 meters to your side and 2.5 meters in front of you
  • Choirs, orchestras and drama rehearsals involving larger groups may only use rooms with ventilation that ensures an excellent air exchange rate; orchestra rehearsals may be held in György Ligeti Hall with a distance of 1.5 meters between participants
  • Operas may only be performed concertante and without choirs

When the traffic light alert level is green, teaching may take place face-to-face subject to the minimum distances detailed above. The Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and International Affairs recommends that courses with more than 25 people in a room at one time (incl. teaching staff) switch to distance learning.

2) Wearing a face mask will be mandatory in all circulation areas at KUG.

You may remove your face mask in your office or in a room where the distancing rules (see above) and room use concept (see “Room information sheet”) permit. In addition, at the start of a meeting, it is important to ask whether anyone would prefer participants to continue wearing their face masks. We will accommodate such wishes at KUG out of respect for one another.

3) Instructions regarding ventilation must be adapted to the conditions of each room and the number of room users.

A room information sheet (“Raumausweis”) has therefore been produced for and displayed in each room. It provides an overview of specific ventilation requirements and maximum room occupancy levels depending on the traffic light status and use of the room.

4) Even when the traffic light alert level is green, everyone will be required to sign in when entering a building at KUG as detailed in the announcement of September 16.

This ensures that we can implement contact tracing and alert anyone who may have been in contact with a person carrying the virus. From September 28, 2020, you will be able to sign in using a convenient QR code. In the event of a suspected case of COVID-19, we will first ask the infected person to list anyone they had contact with at KUG in the last 48 hours. If they are unable to provide a complete list of anyone they had contact with, we can refer to the sign-in data.

If the traffic light alert status for the Graz/Oberwart region is yellow:

Minimum distances mainly remain unchanged. However, minimum distances for flute-playing, speaking and solo-singing increase to 3 meters (or use a shield).

The maximum room occupancy numbers shown on room information sheets are more restrictive for the yellow traffic light alert level. This may mean that classes have to be split up or the use of additional distance learning arrangements. Courses with up to 25 persons (incl. teaching staff) can continue to take place face to face in suitable rooms. However, larger groups will be forced to switch to distance learning or adopt hybrid solutions (see also:

The permitted audience for events at the yellow alert level is half that of the green alert level. Rooms must be ventilated more often and/or for longer.

If the traffic light alert level for the Graz/Oberwart region is orange:

The presence of students and staff at KUG will be significantly restricted. A large number of courses will be taught via distance learning. Partially excluded are, for example, one-to-one lessons (50% face-to-face, 50% in distance mode) or artistic group courses (30% presence). Choir and orchestral courses can be held face-to-face, in compliance with the current distance, hygiene and room regulations. For further information please visit

Events will take place without an audience and a livestream will be provided in some cases.

A face mask must be worn at all times in rooms with more than one person present.

Practicing is - restricted - still possible. For the general university staff, the home office concepts for the orange traffic light mode must be activated, which will result in a significant reduction in on-site personnel. All front office services are suspended or severely restricted.

If the traffic light alert level for the Graz/Oberwart region is red:

Face-to-face teaching at KUG will be suspended: all teaching will be via distance learning. The campus will be staffed by a skeleton staff. The access to the KUG buildings is blocked for all members – including all practice and classrooms An exception is made for key personnel.

You can find complete information and a summarizing overview of the KUG COVID-19 measures at

Further information for teachers
Further information for students
Further information regarding events

If you have any questions, please contact corona(at)
The e-mails received here are read 7 days a week and processed by the following members of the KUG task force for crisis management: Jakob Fuchs, Sabine Göritzer, Hermann Götz, Friedrich Pichler, Harald Sukic.

We hope these measures will inhibit the spread of COVID-19 and that high-quality art and academic study will be possible despite the circumstances.

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