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CORONAVIRUS: University of Music and Performing Arts Graz social media campaigns

Foto: Silvio Rether

The University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG) is bringing together and promoting initiatives from within the KUG cosmos under the hashtags #stayathome and #KUGlivingrooms. In these times of home-officing and canceled events, the university is focusing on offering musical and cultural features online to make it easier for all of us to stay at home. An invitation to share a few moments of artistic experience and increase the visibility and audibility of young creative artists in these (for them especially) difficult times.

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We are currently sharing a growing range of KUG-related video and radio recordings and content from within and around the KUG at These are tagged with the hashtags and headlines #stayathome and turn on the radio and #stayathome and watch videos for easy recognizability.

Our Instagram Stories at already feature an increasing number of (home music) videos shared by KUG students and faculty members under the hashtag #KUGlivingrooms.This hashtag is designed to bring together the creative output of the KUG community, which is still exploring ways to get its art out to people online, even in times of home officing and performance bans.

We would love to hear your suggestions for (music) videos that might help fight anxiety, dispel loneliness or simply add some spice to our everyday lives and improve our mood in times such as these. We would be happy to share your own video and music material on our KUG channels as well! If you would like to be a part of this, just add the hashtag #KUGlivingrooms to your Facebook or Instagram post and tag the KUG Facebook or Instagram page. Thank you! <3

We would also like to take this opportunity to warmly recommend our KUG video series “KUG Chairs”: In the course of a number of brief interviews held at the MUMUTH, KUG lecturers tell us what they associate with the terms “DIVERSITY” and “INTERPLAY”. Available in full on the KUG Facebook page. Watch our most recent video here!

For more videos, including footage of KUG events, please check out our very own University of Music and Performing Arts Graz YouTube channel! Our Jazz Institute also offers a very diverse range of live recordings on YouTube!

The  ÖH KUG has also created a video series, the "ÖHome Concerts", to offer KUG students a platform to present their music "live" in these difficult times. You can find more information here!