Research Service

The research service is located in the Office of the Vice Rectorate for Research, Gender and Diversity. It advises and supports KUG researchers in the initiation, application, administrative implementation and reporting of third-party funded projects for public bodies and competitive sponsors. It acts as an interface, externally and internally.

“Externally” means to always be up-to-date with new funding opportunities and programs, but also to contact the main funding agencies for research projects such as FWF or the city of Graz and the Province of Styria. In addition, a cooperation between the research services of Austrian universities has been established, which enables effective advice, as the specialized knowledge of our partners is available.

“Internally” means advice and support for KUG researchers in "translating" their research projects into the administrative requirements of the university:

  • Regular information for researchers at the KUG about current calls for proposals
  • Advice on the conception of applications and preparation of the associated budgets
  • Proof reading of applications
  • In the case of special questions, referral to the responsible administrative departments for clarification in the application phase (in particular personnel cost planning: personnel accounting and administration department)
  • Handling of internal university third-party funding processes, e.g. project reporting
  • Cooperation with the responsible administrative departments that are responsible for anchoring the projects in university operations - Financial accounting, COKO, personnel department, infrastructure, ZID.
  • Proofreading of the reports for the funding agency
  • Monitoring of the project process in projects where the funding agency intends to do so by the university (e.g. developing a profile)



For questions and research advice the staff members of the Office of the Vice Rectorate for Research, Gender and Diversity are gladly at your disposal:

Dr. phil. Roland Reiter

E-Mail: roland.reiter(at)

Phone: +43 316 389 1135

Hanna Gabl, BA

E-Mail: j.gabl(at)

Phone: +43 316 389 1805