Information Sheets/Forms

The following information sheets and forms are available just in the lobby of Palais Meran (please pick your free copy):


Forms which are available just at the course and exam guiding center:

  • Form for reimbursement of tuition fee
  • Application form for Bachelor studies of instrumental (vocal) teaching after having obtained the qualification for teaching at an Austrian conservatory based on public law
  • Application form for a practical aptitude test for Master studies of Performance Practice in Contemporary Music (PPCM)

Upon request, these forms can be sent out also by e-mail


All other forms can be downloaded from our Website either here at the “Information Sheets” section or at the respective field of study section!


for papers and theses at KUG you can find here

Abmeldung vom Studium

Anmeldung zur Akademischen Feier (Sponsion/Promotion)

Ansuchen um Kontrollprüfung

• Application for tuition waiver (Eastern/Southeastern Europe)
   > Instruction

• Application for teacher change in central artistic subject (please use the online form)
   > Instruction

LehrerInnenwechsel im künstlerischen Hauptfach/Nebenfach für ME/IME
   (Bitte verwenden Sie das elektronische Formular)
   > Anleitung

Time off

Please mind to fill out the application form completely (i.e. including all necessary signatures!) and to submit it within the respective period at the course and exam guiding service.

Library certificate


Continuation of studies without ZKF

Reduction of duration of studies

Re-registration to ZKF

reimbursement of student’s union fee

University Documents

Guideline for the establishment of written papers at KUG


Recognition Regulation at KUG

Current Description of Types of Courses at KUG

Instrumental Studies Orchestra Requirements

Regulations for change-over from former to new syllabus

> Äquivalenzlisten Jazz Studienplanversion 2007/2008 auf Studienplanversion 2009


> Instrumentalstudien: 


> Instrumental(Gesangs-)pädagogik:


> Jazz:


> Dirigieren, Komposition und Musiktheorie:


> Gesang:


> Lehramt

Verbleibslisten für den alten Studienplan

> Instrumentalstudien: 


> Instrumental(Gesangs-)pädagogik:


> Jazz:


> Gesang: