Foto: KUG/A. WenzelFor KUG, the House of Music and Music Drama, MUMUTH, has been a long-sought-for central building for practicing and events since 1963. After start of construction in March 2006, major parts of this 19 million Euro project have been opened to KUG in August 2008 by the building sponsor, the Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft (Federal Real Estate Corporation, BIG), and was fitted out in autumn 2008 (complete opening to KUG in November 2008).
Official inauguration: March 1, 2009 with a closed performance of W.A. Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute” performed by the Institute of Music Drama and with a “Soirée for Otto Kolleritsch”, rector emeritus of KUG and for many, many years advocate of MUMUTH.

As an innovative platform for a discourse on modernity, MUMUTH will be stage to high-quality artistic productions and interdisciplinary events. It offers flexible space as a high-tech research laboratory for the arts.

Foto: KUG/A. WenzelMUMUTH is supposed to be an unmistakable venue promoting the development and unfolding of the arts in compliance with the mission of a university of the arts. Moreover, its objective is to encourage scientific research and it shall constitute an interface between the university and society. The newly introduced abo@MUMUTH is a good example which is reflecting the extension of KUG’s subscription cycle and which will become an experimental forum for contemporary forms of art.

The House of Music and Music Drama was designed by the renowned Dutch architectural office UNStudio of Ben van Berkel winning an internationally organized competition with 212 entries. This project has already been Austria’s contribution to the Biennale exposition in Venice.
For further information about bookings of MUMUTH: Mag. Marlis Müller-Lorenz, phone: 0316/389-1334, e-mail: marlis.mueller-lorenz(at)

For further information about events held at MUMUTH:
Margit Mahmoudi, Event Department of KUG,
phone 0316/389-1330, e-mail: abo(at)

For further information about the building and press material:
Lic. Katrin Hammerschmidt, Public Relations Department of KUG,
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Facts and Figures about MUMUTH

Foto: KUG/A. WenzelGeneral
Architect: UNStudio
Completion: November 2008
Inauguration: March 1, 2009
Overall useful area: approx. 2,800 m²

Hall & Stage
Capacity of hall: max. 450 visitors
Seating: variable
Stage: variable
Lobby and Gallery

Owing to its adaptable topography (0-3 m) the dialog between the arts and the audience can be intensified. A separable “assembly hall” serves as a variable which can be used also as a “proscenium stage”. From theatre-style seating to arena-style seating it is possible to chose among any desired type of closeness to the audience. The gallery and lobby including the “twist” form an architectural counterpart to the hall and offer an excellent and useful “outer space”.

Acoustics & Light
Acoustics: variable acoustics in the hall with electronic control unit
Lighting plant: ultimate variability

Acoustics of MUMUTH are unique in Austria: from jazz club up to orchestra concert, acoustics are tailor-made. User guidance of lighting can be controlled also from the light desk and allows light design with utmost precision.


For the 27th time now the renowned subscription cycle for term 2008/2009 has been organized by the Society of Friends of the University of Music and Performing Graz (KUG). From October 29, concerts and stage productions in the fields of orchestra, chamber music, Lied, choir, opera, drama, and jazz take place on 11 evenings in the framework of the main subscription. A new addition to this offer is a second subscription cycle, abo@MUMUTH.

The inauguration of MUMUTH, the House of Music and Music Drama of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, takes place on March 1, 2009. “With its outstanding architectural and acoustical features, MUMUTH nearly calls for an expansion of our subscription concept. By introducing abo@MUMUTH we are taking this unique opportunity”, KUG’s rector Georg Schulz affirms.

abo@MUMUTH has been established to offer an experimental platform for contemporary and innovative forms of art. “This includes the interrelation between architecture and music to the same extent as a topographically flexible space, unique variable acoustics and state-of-the-art light design,” Schulz says. For the first season, four events are on the program, later on there will be six.

On April 2, abo@mumuth opened with Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Johannes-Passion BWV 245” directed by Christian Pöppelreiter. On April 4, 6 and 8 other performances took place. To the great joy of all persons involved, MUMUTH architect Ben van Berkel took charge of production design.

Next on the program brass@MUMUTH on May 7 featuring the Sinfonisches Blasorchester and the Austrian Brass Band of KUG conducted by Nassir Heidarian-Rasty and Uwe KÖLLER followed by the jazz concert “Voices of Today featuring the KUG Jazz Vocalists, Fritz Pauer and the KUG Jazz Orchestra” on June 24, presented by Dena DeRose & Ed Partyka.

The first season of abo@MUMUTH will end on October 16, 2009 with the concert “Neue Musik/Elektronik” with works by Luigi Nono and Terry Riley and students of composition at KUG (first performances) performed by the “Ensemble für Neue Musik” conducted by Edo Micic. Solo parts, electronics and concert light design are in the hands of KUG students.

Main Subscription with 11 Events

Foto: KUG/A. WenzelKUG’s main subscription, which has been introduced in 1982/83, will comprise altogether 11 events in the fields of orchestra, chamber music, Lied, choir, opera, jazz, and drama, with a program keeping in mind the strategic objective of KUG, i.e. “Tradition and Modernity”. Three of altogether four orchestra concerts of the main subscription as well as a major choir concert (December 16) will take place at Stefaniensaal (Convention Centre Graz) also in the future. As usual, the traditional Christmas Concert at Graz Cathedral (November 30) and a theatre performance by KUG students presenting this year Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” (January 8 – 17) in cooperation with the Institute of Stage Design are on the program, as well.

Foto: KUG/A. WenzelThis season, the main subscription offers altogether four orchestra concerts: a season opening concert by the KUG orchestra (October 29), the traditional “Karl Böhm Concert” (March 12 + 13) and the orchestra concert of the “International Week – Encounter Week” (March 12 + 13) with soloists from St. Petersburg. A highlight of the subscription season was, again, the concert by the internationally acclaimed Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester on April 17, this time conducted by Ingo Metzmacher.

The prize winners of the 7th International Competition “Franz Schubert and Modern Music” taking place at KUG between February 4 and 13 presented themselves to the audience of subscribers on February 13 on the occasion of the final concert. The audience of subscribers was invited to award the audience prize and to attend the award ceremony.


Double Concerts at MUMUTH

Subscribers of the main subscription, too, have the opportunity to become acquainted with MUMUTH: the orchestra concert of the “International Week”, the major jazz concert – this time with the motto of “Old Bottles, New Wine” (May 13 + 14) – and also the chamber concert “Best of” (April 28 + 29) take place at MUMUTH. “We are improving education of our students who have now the opportunity to play two concerts in succession. In addition, for several concerts, like the main subscription’s jazz concert for instance, acoustics at MUMUTH are more suitable”, the rector of KUG says.

Foto: KUG/A. WenzelThe main subscription season of 2008/09 ends with a sparkling performance of Hans Werner Henze’s opera “L’Upupa und der Triumph der Sohnesliebe” (June 13, 15, 19 and 21). This opera, which has been shown in Austria only once (Salzburg Festival 2003), will be directed by Christian Pöppelreiter and staged at MUMUTH by students of KUG. In this respect a KUG breakfast will be organized on June 7 for subscribers to introduce them to this opera in the framework of a KUG brunch.

Further information about these two subscriptions and orders:
Margit Mahmoudi, Event Department of KUG, phone 0316/389-1330, e-mail: abo(at)

Further information about MUMUTH:
Mag. Hermann Götz, Public Relations Department of KUG, phone 0316/389-1152, e-mail: presse(at)