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Science of jazz as interdisciplinary, independent branch of musicology in teachings and research by taking into consideration the scientific analysis and jazz historiography in the context of jazz-idiomatic music, popular music research, oriental art music, the music of Latin America, of international folk music, etc..

Publication series of the Institute and of the International Society of Jazz Research Jazzforschung/Jazz Research (Yearbook) since 1969; Beiträge zur Jazzforschung, 13 volumes so far; Jazz Research News (Newsletter) 30 volumes .

Organization of international congresses on the science of jazz every other year.

Media Library with about 40,000 sound storage media (records, CDs, audio tape, and shellacs), more than 1,000 videos/DVDs, 4,500 books, and 40 professional journals.

Studies: Doctorate, Master and Bachelor studies in the disciplines of jazz and popular music research.

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