Institute 2 - Piano

Janos Palojtay;  Foto KUG/Wenzel


The demands of today’s international musical life on young concert pianists are enormously high. As a result, the efforts of the teachers of the institute aim at providing young students with best-qualified piano-musical education which will allow young musicians to stand the test in concert life.

After graduating as Bachelor, students can decide afterwards which discipline meets their talents and predispositions best, i.e. they can choose among soloist education or chamber music or piano vocal accompaniment. An important focus of the institute is to teach students in all disciplines with regard to stylistic confidence which, among other things, can be trained by offering also lessons in fortepiano and New Music.

If our students and graduates learn successfully to work out independent interpretations, we will have reached one of the most important goals of education in the field of the arts.


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