Institute 3 - Strings

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The high demands of international musical life have a major influence on the orientation of the institute.

Main focus of education is put on instrumental and artistic quality and diversity on the highest level. Other objectives are the wide array of possibilities of “going public” and the nurturing of tradition and modernity as well as the development of the ability of personal and critical interpretation.

In the framework of the discipline of “Instrumental Studies” of violin, viola, violoncello, contrabass, guitar, and harp, and in dependence of talent and interest, it is possible to put the main stress of education on certain subjects such as Old Music, New Music, or Chamber Music. For strings, the master studies of chamber music allow to shape a musician’s profile even more. Studies of instrumental teaching are offered in cooperation with the Institute of Education.

With its objectives and different subjects, the Institute emphasizes its central matter of concern, viz. to create the best possible basis for students to start a career as soloist, orchestra musician, chamber musician, and instrumental teacher.


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