Institute 6 - Church Music and Organ

Sujetfoto Institut 6 Kirchenmusik und Orgel; Foto: Aleksey Vylegzhanin

Institute 6 offers its students highly qualified training to meet the requirements of an international music career in the fields of Catholic and Protestant Church Music, Organ Performance, Organ Pedagogy (IGP) and Music Education.

Students in the organ department acquire the latest state of knowledge in organ studies and follow recent developments in artistic practice, education and research. In addition to the four possible study areas mentioned above, students are offered the option of attending guest courses and making regular excursions to explore outstanding organs in the region.

The International Summer Academy for Organ, the Graz International Organ Competition “Bach und die Moderne” and its commissioned compositions all help to support the development and promotion of the organ profession, and thus aid in bringing the artistic potential of the “King of Instruments” to the increased attention of society.

The study area Catholic and Protestant Church Music offers artistic, scholarly and practical liturgical training at the highest professional level. After broad knowledge of the field has been acquired in the Bachelor’s program, the Master’s program provides the opportunity to specialize in Organ, Choir Conducting, Gregorian Chant and Sacred Composition.

By offering practical experience in Graz’s city churches, providing many opportunities to practice at the Institute and take part in excursions, etc., the study program ensures breadth as well as depth. A special artistic and scholarly emphasis is given to the area of Gregorian Chant.

The Institute also promotes research on various aspects of sacred music, in particular involving the disciplines of Gregorian Chant, Liturgy and Hymnology.




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