Vincent Veneman - Masterprüfung Jazz Komposition/Arrangement

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Vincent Veneman - Masterprüfung Jazz Komposition/Arrangement

erstellt am 20. June 2017

Montag, 16.Oktober 2017, 20:00 - WIST, Moserhofgasse 34

Fresh, edgy and at the same time familiar; Vincent Veneman +9 delivers a new take on baroque music from a contemporary jazz perspective. It contains the melodic and harmonic clarity of the old, but is rooted in modern jazz. Strong melodies are met with striking counterpoints and lush harmonies; classical forms equipped with exciting grooves serve as a platform for virtuose improvisations. A truly seamless blend of elements from different eras!


Vincent Veneman (NL) - trombone & compositions

Gerhard Ornig (AT) - trumpet & flugelhorn

Andreas Böhlen (DE) - soprano-, alto sax & clarinet

Malte Schiller (DE) - tenor sax & (bass-) clarinet

Nils van Haften (NL) - tenor sax & bass clarinet

Emiliano Sampaio (BR) - acustic & electric guitars

Jan Olaf Rodt (DE) - acoustic & electric guitars

Nikola Kołodziejczyk (PL) - piano

Vasilis Koutsonanos (GR) - acoustic bass

Reinhold Schmölzer (AT) - drums


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