Workshop: Digital Marketing in the Music Industry - Steffen Geldner (DE)

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Workshop: Digital Marketing in the Music Industry - Steffen Geldner (DE)

erstellt am 12. September 2017

Freitag, 13.Oktober 2017 bis Samstag, 14.Oktober 2017, Institut Jazz - Moserhofgasse 39-41


Friday from 9:30 – 16:30

Saturday from 9:00 – 16:00

In this workshop, Steffen Geldner will go into some of the most relevant tools when it comes to current digital music marketing: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Facebook as the largest social media plays an inherent role in the digital marketing of music related products. It will be shown how the Facebook algorithm works and how you can optimize your content to gain better results. Facebook ads, targeting and analytics will be dealt with to a great extent. Instagram is one of the most important visual marketing tools. Steffen Geldner will show how profiles can be optimized and he will present best practices concerning the use of hashtags, location tags etc. Also, topics such as Instameets or the suggested user list will be discussed. The part on YouTube will mostly be about successful channel management: What can I do to optimize my YouTube videos and how does the YouTube algorithm work? How can my videos be found better? Integrating your homepage into the marketing mix and what easy possibilities there are for musicians to use plugins or Google products to improve visibility are also part of the lesson.

The goal of the workshop is that the participants get a better insight into digital marketing tools and that they are able to transfer the knowledge they gained into their (music) projects, be it as a musician, management, label etc. Furthermore, after this workshop they should be able to measure their success online and know first steps on monetizing their channels.
The attendees are encouraged to bring their own examples to the workshop in order to discuss improvements with Steffen Geldner and the class. Also, a laptop with an internet connection and Excel is requested.

The workshop is in English and best suited for marketing beginners and people interested in social media and digital marketing. Please note that basics of the topics dealt with are required. E.g., it will not be explained how to register for Facebook or Instagram or how these tools work in general. The focus in this workshop lies on how to use the channels for marketing.


About Steffen Geldner:
Steffen Geldner works as a project manager for digital innovation at Popakademie Baden Württemberg, University of Popular Music and Music Business, in Mannheim, Germany. Among others, he is responsible for the studies of the Bachelor courses in music business with a digital focus. He teaches subjects surrounding topics such as social media marketing, digital advertising or web technologies.




Steffen Geldner
Projektmanager Digital Innovation
Popakademie Baden-Württemberg Stiftung
University of Popular Music and Music Business
Hafenstraße 33 | 68159 Mannheim
fon +49 (0) 621.53 39 72-21 | mobil +49(0)160.92115010






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