!Attention – new application process!

Please submit your Incoming Application via the KUG's Mobility Online System during:

18.09. - 10.10.2019 for the Summer (Spring) Semester 2020

10.02. - 15.03.2020 for the Study Year 2020/2021 or the Winter (Fall) Semester 2020/2021


Information for Incomings (Exchange Students)

The International Coordinator at the Sending Institution should first nominate the selected student to Please name the student as such: last name, first name of the applicant, e-mail address,  instrument or subject, BA or MA, Erasmus code of the sending university

Nominated students will personally receive a link to our Mobility Online System from our Department of International Relations. The applicant is obliged to personally register in our Mobility Online System and to upload the application documents.


Required Application Documents:

  •  Student Application Form (provided online )
  •  Learning Agreement, filled in and signed (provided online for download in from our Mobility Online System; please finalize by by uploading the form as a PDF with both the student’s and their coordinator’s signature)
  • Motivation Letter (upload as PDF)
  • Curriculum Vitae (upload as PDF)
  • Copy of the applicants passport (upload as PDF/JPEG)
  • Performance files: Audio-/Video files, Portfolio, transcripts (depending on the study field)


Application Requirements:

  • Singers, Instrumentalists, and Conductors present three musical pieces or songs/arias from different periods (duration: max 30 min.). Each musical piece must be recorded unedited and show the applicant’s entire body (long shot). Singers are required to perform at least one “Lied” or aria sung in German. Please upload your audio or video files directly to our Mobility Online Program. Please note that each work should be in a separate file. Applicants are permitted to upload 3 files. 
  • Applicants for the Jazz program must prepare and submit the following pieces from the standard repertoire: one ballad, one piece with functional harmony, one blues and one original composition.
  • Composition Students enclose a few compositions of varying instrumentations. If any recordings are available on the web, please provide a link.
  • Acting Students should show extracts from theatre performances, possibly scenes, at least one monologue, and a self-presentation video. 
  • Stage Design Students submit a portfolio.
  • Musicology Students are asked to provide an overview of their progress made in previous studies (titles of successfully completed courses and submitted term papers in German or in English, 1-2 works as an example).
  • Music Theory Students are asked to provide the most recent transcript of records from their home university and 2-3 examples of submitted term papers or written musical analyses in German or in English. Optionally you may send in compositional studies on musical styles.
  • Electric Engineering – Sound Engineering Students are asked to provide the most recent transcript of records from all previous courses, including courses in audio technique, digital signal processing and acoustics. Advanced students must also submit reports or papers from seminars, study projects or internships in German or English.
  • PhD (Musicology) applicants (3. cycle) submit a short abstract of the planned doctoral thesis.
  • Dr. artium (Artistic Research) applicants (3. cycle) submit a short abstract of the planned doctoral project. Please note that the Graz Dr. artium Programme closely combines artistic exploration/experimentation/reflection through art with academic/scholarly/scientific reflection. In this, it goes beyond practice as research; the theory component of the coursework is demanding.  


It is important that the given material is as diverse as possible to produce a good overview of the artistic spectrum.

♦♦Voice, Pianist and Acting students must send video material; for other subject areas, audio material (without image) is sufficient.

The application must be uploaded no later than March 15th for the Winter Semester and October 10th for the Summer Semester of the next academic year and will be subsequently passed on to the respective departments.

Further important information regarding your application can be found here (Institutional Information). 



We recommend that applicants for the incoming Erasmus+ _Program inform themselves extensively: besides their personal choices (teacher, teaching method, subject matter) that involve the Major Artistic Subject (Zentrales Künstlerisches Fach [ZKF]), the KUG’s homepage features an overview of all offered courses (other subjects) which may be chosen by any exchange student, these include choir, orchestra, and all academic lectures, as well as courses that do not require intensive individual supervision.

Detailed information regarding the Learning Agreement (LA) / Study Plan (SP) will ease the subsequent evaluation and make it possible for the student to receive the accreditation of their achieved ECTS-Credits at their home institution. In order to help you to fill out the LA / SP, we have compiled a guide: 

"How to fill out the Learning Agreement/Study Plan"

If possible, students should attain 30 ECTS-Credits per semester (refer to the Erasmus+ policies). At the very least, 3 ECTS-Credits per month (return limit for mobility allowance) should be accounted for.

The signature of the KUG' s Vice Rector of Studies on the Learning Agreement Form is a necessary requirement in order to acknowledge the placement of an exchange student. Participation at the KUG's Welcome Information Day (WID) is mandatory. Please see all important information regarding our WID at:



The language of instruction at the KUG is German. A few lectures are also offered in English, such as those featured in the degree programs Electronic Engineering – Sound Engineering, Musicology and Sound Design, as well as the courses in the Jazz Master Studies (Instrumental/Vocal). Incoming Exchange students at the KUG may take these lectures and receive ECTS-Credits accordingly. Whether or not a professor in the Major Artistic Subjects (ZKF), such as Piano, Flute, Violin, etc., teaches in a language other than German depends on each professor.

A guide to which courses at the KUG are offered is in the following manual "How to Find out Which Courses are Offered”.   

The language of instruction for a specific course can be found on KUGonline as described in the manual. The courses listed may indicate which may be completed in English according to the information of the professor, for example. For other courses that are not shown here, the language of instruction could possibly be arranged individually after an agreement with the professor.

We would like to ask for your understanding that the Department of International Relations cannot answer questions regarding specific courses or ECTS-Credits.



We would like to make a stay abroad possible for the Incoming Exchange applicant, as long as the qualitative requirements are fulfilled and a placement by the respective professor is available.

The entire selection process can take up to 10 weeks. The Department of International Relations informs the student by email as soon as the entire application procedure is completed.



Concerning accommodation, the Department of International Relations recommends Incoming Exchange students to find accommodation through the OeAD website (

Further housing information:  



Students are required to take care of their own insurance (health insurance). However, the following two links provide more important information about insurance:




  • Incoming Exchange Students must register at the Registrar’s Office (Studienabteilung) in person. Here are the general Admission Periods (=Enrollment Periods) for students, which may be retrieved updated on the homepage.
  • Participation at the Welcome Information Day is mandatory.
  • Erasmus+ students are exempt from study fees; however, the Austrian Student Association (Österreichische Hochschülerschaft [ÖH]) fee (approx. 20 EUR) must be paid.



After the completion of an Erasmus+ stay at the KUG, students give their notice of departure at the Registrar’s Office (Studien- und Prüfungsabteilung) and will then receive their Transcript of Records (Sammelzeugnis), provided that all of their exam results are already available. If not all exam results are available at that time, the Incoming Exchange Students may later request their Transcript of Records via the Department of International Relations (AIB) per email.

The Confirmation of Stay (Aufenthaltsbestätigung) must be downloaded via the KUG's Mobiltiy Online System, filled out and uploaded again. The Department of International Relations approves the confirmation with an official signature and stamp. The final document may then be downloaded again by the student.


Revised: June 2019