Information for Outgoing Students

Staff at the KUG’s Department of International Relations (AIB) are especially interested in providing the best possible information and support to all students planning to study in an EU country.

The earliest time students can study abroad as part of an Erasmus program is during the third semester of their studies (BA). If you are considering studying for a semester or two in a foreign country via the Erasmus program during the Winter Semester (WS), you should complete the application during the previous academic year. In this case, the application would have to be received by the Internatl. Relations Dept./AIB no later than March 15th. The AIB will then pass it on to the partner university. As the partner universities have different application deadlines, it is particularly important to ask the AIB for this information once the personal decision of which partner university to attend has been made.

The study period abroad should last at least 3 months and may not exceed 12 months. If a student applies for the Summer Semester, only, the completed applications must be received and forwarded by the AIB before October 15th.  

If a student applies for a single semester, the stay can only be subsequently extended if it began in the winter semester. Please see the appropriate info leaflet for formalities concerning an extension.

Erasmus students will receive a mobility grant for the duration of their stay abroad. The awarded amount varies significantly from country to country. The Erasmus mobility grant is only a partial scholarship, covering only part of the staying costs. 

Erasmus students are exempt from all study fees at the partner university. For the period of the stay, students can be exempted from study fees at the KUG as well; for this, however, the student has to personally fill out and submit a corresponding application at the Registrar’s Office before departing to the host country.

The following application forms are available for download on the KUG-homepage. All forms for the partner university should be completed and handed in to the AIB.


The Erasmus+ application documents include:


All of the above application materials are numbered consecutively and must be stapled together before being handed in. The AIB will only accept fully completed applications, Motivation Letter and CV included (in paper form and as a scan), to be forwarded to the partner universities!


Further information can be found here:

Forms can be found here:




Revised: June 2018