Taster Courses at KUG

Are you interested in studying at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz but you still need more information? If so, there are several possibilities:


First of all, we recommend to contact the Course and Exam Guidance Service which provides you with all sorts of practical information about studies and about admission tests. In addition, prior to applying for the admission test you are advised to get in touch also with the teachers and professors you have chosen. Many teachers and professors offer you to arrange an appointment for consultation without obligation, and maybe you can also perform or sing in front of them. Moreover, after prior arrangement over the phone the doors of all KUG institutes will be open for a first visit – just give the respective institute a ring! Maybe you will be able to attend also one of the admission tests to get an idea how such exams go off.

And, for in-depth information there is also an official Open House at KUG, or you can see the KUG booth at the BeSt Show, or you can consult the SAB Education Information Center.


Open House


For many years, KUG has taken part in the common "Open House of the Four Universities in Graz".

On this day (usually the last Thursday in the Easter holidays), the University of Graz (KFU), the University of Medicine Graz (MUG), the University of Technology (TU) and KUG provide information about all studies and give an insight in the respective "Alma Mater".
Shuttle busses connect the universities and allow you to inform yourself about the different education options.

The next open house will take place on April 24, 2014.


For further information, please visit  Stabsabteilung für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit (Public Relations Department).


BeSt Shows

Best Wien 2014, Infostand der KUG; Foto: KUG/Schauer

To obtain detailed information about jobs, studies, and education "under one roof", please visit BeSt - Messe für Beruf, Studium und Weiterbildung. This show sees itself as an "information road show" and a first place to go for all those seeking advice. It provides information about the wide array of education, training, vocational training, and professions. KUG is present at every BeSt show with its own information booth and a competent team of consultants.

These BeSt shows usually take place two or three times a year and are organized by the Federal Ministry for Education, Arts, and Culture, by the Federal Ministry of Science and Research, and by the Austrian Public Employment Service Arbeitsmarktservice Österreich.


For any inquiries about the presence of KUG on the BeSt show, please see Abteilung für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit (Public Relations Department).


Education and Information Center (SAB)


The Graz-based association SAB-Ausbildungsberatung provides support for youngsters and adults for education- and job-related decision-making processes. The SAB education and information center informs about all education possibilities from primary to tertiary education.

KUG has been member of SAB since 2002.

For further information, please visit Abteilung für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit (Public Relations Department).