Degree Programmes with entrance exam

For which degree programmes passing an entrance exam is required?

Admission for all fields of study of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz - with the exception of Musicology - presupposes the proof of the artistic aptitude for the respective degree programme (according to § 63 exp. 1 Z4 of the university act 2002, as amended).

As a rule, graduates of Bachelor's Programmes at KUG do not need to take an entrance exam or proof their aptitude for continuing with the respective Master's Programme. Exact provisions can be found in the respective curricula.

For the Bachelor´s Programme Teacher Education a three-stage admission procedure has to be completed. Information on the first two stages can be found here: The online application for the third stage, the artistic entrance exam, is required additionally.

Here you can find further details about the admission requirements:

When do the entrance exams take place?

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Tutorials for the online application

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Instruction for the online application

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What should I be able to do at the entrance exam?

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What do I have to do after the entrance exam?

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