Tutorial for the Online Application

An application for the entrance exam is required for all fields of study at KUG (exception: Musicology*). In most cases, you have to apply online.

Here you will find helpful tutorials in which the online application procedure for each field of study is explained step by step.

*NOTE: For Musicology there is no entrance exam and therefore you do not have to apply for this, but nevertheless an online pre-registration prior to admission to the Degree Programme is required.



In any case, first of all please watch part 1 ("What you should consider before the online application in general")!

Then you can choose part 2
("How to apply online") depending on the desired field of study!

IMPORTANT ADDITION: See here for the required language competency for application/admission.



What you should consider before the online application in general


Note: Video excerpts from the website still refer to the old KUG website. A current version is coming soon!

How to apply online


Bachelor´s Programme Instrumental Studies


Master´s Programme Instrumental Studies


Stage Design


Performing Arts (Drama)

(German language only)



Bachelor´s Programme Teacher Education (ME/IME)

(German language only)



Bachelor´s Programme Musicology