Bachelor's Programme Education in Composition and Music Theory

Foto: Alexander Wenzel
| Foto: Alexander Wenzel

Most composers and music theorists teach in their professional lives - the programme Composition and Music Theory gives you the perfect qualification. The course is a complete artistic bachelor’s programme in composition and music theory that is enriched by a practically oriented pedagogical education. Nowadays, these pedagogical skills are expected in many professional fields, such as music schools, universities, schools and music mediation projects in concert houses. The wide range of teaching practice options gives you the chance to gather experience in one-to-one lessons (in composition classes for children and adolescents provided by the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz), in group lessons (in music theoretical classes provided by the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz) and project lessons (at our partner schools).


Course Number: UV 033 103
Length of Study: 8 semesters (240 ECTS)
Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA)

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Professors and Equivalents

Image of O.Univ.Prof. Richard Dünser
Professur für Musiktheorie
O.Univ.Prof. Richard Dünser
Image of O.Univ.Prof. Beat Furrer
Professur für Komposition und Musiktheorie
O.Univ.Prof. Beat Furrer
Image of Univ.Prof. Privatdozent Clemens Gadenstätter
Professur für Musiktheorie-Musikanalyse
Univ.Prof. Privatdozent Clemens Gadenstätter
Image of Univ.Prof. Klaus Lang
Professur für Kirchliche Komposition
Univ.Prof. Klaus Lang
Image of Univ.Prof. Dipl. Musiklehrer Clemens Nachtmann
Professur für Harmonielehre
Univ.Prof. Dipl. Musiklehrer Clemens Nachtmann
Image of Dr.phil. Helmut Schmidinger
Gastprofessur für Kompositions- und Musiktheoriepädagogik Dr.phil. Helmut Schmidinger
Image of Univ.Prof. Dr.phil. Privatdozent Christian Utz
Professur für Musiktheorie-Musikanalyse
Univ.Prof. Dr.phil. Privatdozent Christian Utz

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