Master's Programme Violin

Foto: Johannes Gellner
| Foto: Johannes Gellner

Instrumental Studies: Da capo al fine

The programme Instrumental Studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz gives you the opportunity of a thorough training in nearly every orchestral or solo instrument. No matter if chamber music, orchestral music or solo music: The artistic qualification through internationally renowned teachers in the bachelor’s and master’s programme can contribute significantly to the maintenance and development of the cultural cornerstone music when it comes to musical competences, instrumental skills and employability. Apart from the bachelor’s and master’s programme there are courses for highly gifted students and preparatory courses to promote training starting at a young age. Postgraduate programmes give the opportunity of a further specialisation after the regular study programmes.


Course Number: UV 066 716
Length of Study: 4 semesters (120 ECTS)
Degree: Matster of Arts (MA)

Achievement Goals​​​​​​​
Credit Hours

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Schedule for the academic year​​​​​​​
Description of the types of courses of KUG

to Institute 3 - Strings
to Institute 12 - Oberschützen

Admission to the Study Programme

Dates of admission tests and entrance exam deadlines

Dates in January/February

Dates in June/July

ATTENTION: Due to COVID-19, entrance exams will not take place in person in June/July. Applicants have to make a YouTube video and copy the link to the applicant management. The admissions commission will watch the video and discuss it.

The link for this YouTube video must be inserted into KUGonline by 15 June 2020 at the latest. This applies to both Bachelor and Master applications.

The theoretical part of the entrance examination will probably take place on 16 September 2020.

Overview of all dates of admission tests at KUG

Registration period for the online-application:
for the winter semester: March 1 - May 1 
for the summer semester: November 1 - December 1

Instruction for the online-application
Podcast about the online application procedure

Admission requirements/Entrance exams
Required German language competency at application/admission

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Image of Prof. Ida Bieler
Gastprofessur für Violine
Prof. Ida Bieler
Image of Ao.Univ.Prof. Regina Brandstätter
Universitätsdozentin für Violine
Ao.Univ.Prof. Regina Brandstätter
Image of Privatdozentin Dominika Falger
Universitätsdozentin für Violine Privatdozentin Dominika Falger
Image of Univ.Prof. Eszter Haffner
Professur für Violine
Univ.Prof. Eszter Haffner
Image of Univ.Prof. Silvia Marcovici
Professur für Violine
Univ.Prof. Silvia Marcovici
Image of O.Univ.Prof. Maighread Mc Crann
Professur für Violine
O.Univ.Prof. Maighread Mc Crann
Image of Univ.Prof. Priya Mitchell
Professur für Violine
Univ.Prof. Priya Mitchell
Image of O.Univ.Prof. Anke Schittenhelm
Professur für Violine
O.Univ.Prof. Anke Schittenhelm
Image of Univ.Prof. Vesna Stankovic-Moffatt
Professur für Violine
Univ.Prof. Vesna Stankovic-Moffatt
Image of Univ.Prof. Sylvia-Elisabeth Viertel
Professur für Violine und Kammermusik
Univ.Prof. Sylvia-Elisabeth Viertel

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