Master's Programme Communication, Media, Sound and Interaction Design - Sound Design

Foto: Johannes Gellner
| Foto: Johannes Gellner


The arrangement of and with sound is the central topic of the interuniversitary and interdisciplinary “Sound Design” master’s programme. Students not only learn about the artistic design, the media-enabled and technical processing of sound, they also learn about semantic and psychoacoustic perception. The main areas besides audio production for video design, game design and mobile apps are sonic interaction design, sonification, audio branding and product sound design for the industry. In the areas of acoustic environment, soundscapes and sound ecology we examine the significance of hearing in a society that is visually dominated. This interdisciplinary course is offered in cooperation with FH JOANNEUM - University of Applied Sciences.


Course Number: UV 066 778
Length of Study: 4 semesters (120 ECTS)
Degree: Matster of Arts (MA)

Achievement Goals
Curriculum valid from winter semester 2020

Credit Hours

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Schedule for the academic year
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to Institute 17 - Electronic Music and Acoustics
to FH JOANNEUM​​​​​​​

Admission to the Study Programme

Appliccation via FH JOANNEUM
Application deadline: 17 August 2020 (Date of posmark)
The admission interview takes place between 01 September and 03 September 2020.

Admission requirements/Entrance exams
Required German language competency at application/admission

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Professors and Equivalents

Image of Univ.Prof. Mag. Ph.D. Marko Ciciliani
Professur für Computermusik und Multimedia
Univ.Prof. Mag. Ph.D. Marko Ciciliani
Image of Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Alois Sontacchi
Professur für Akustik und Audiotechnik
Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Alois Sontacchi

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