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The service "KUG-Student4OneDay" provides individual guidance through KUG and offers prospective students individual and important information about the life of a student at KUG.

Registration is always possible!

KUG-Student4OneDay currently NOT offered!

Due to the current situation and on the basis of current instructions from the federal government for protection against Sars-CoV-2 ("Coronavirus"), it is unfortunately not foreseeable when our university will be open to visitors again, so our service "KUG-Student4OneDay" is currently unavailable. But you can still register - we will be happy to keep your registration on file and will contact you as soon as we know more about it.

What is “KUG-Student4OneDay“?

The team of the Welcome Center provides the opportunity to receive information about how to study at KUG at first hand from students of KUG.

The service "KUG-Student4OneDay" allows you to get a taste of being a student of KUG for one day before you take an entrance exam and/or you do the enrolment. In a relaxed atmosphere, you can ask all your questions, get an insight into the life of a student and get in touch with prospective fellow students and possibly members of KUG. Thus, you will get a helpful impression of studying at our university.

Accompanied by a student of KUG, you can get a taste of being a student of KUG for one day e.g. by exploring the campus, leisure facilities and learning places around the campus. Thus, you can get an insight into the life of a student.

How can I register?

For the assignment to a KUG-student, who will accompany you, we need only a few details from you - please fill in the registration form below!

If you are already interested in a certain (non) degree programme of KUG, please let us know, in order to be able to refer to it when planning the guided tour through the university.

After your registration the assigned KUG-student will contact you as soon as possible to arrange an appointment and will provide you further information.

HINT: An early registration is requested (please apply at least 3 weeks before the desired date!).

Registration for ”KUG-Student4OneDay“


As a reminder of your day as a "KUG-Student4OneDay" at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, we would like to take a photo of you and the assigned student (free of charge). We will send you the photograph by email. If you do not want to take a photo or if you do not agree to the further use of the photograph for our homepage / social media activities, you can inform us! Otherwise please tick the appropriate box/boxes:

By submitting my registration form, I confirm that I am / older than 14 years and allowed to give my consent. HINT: Minors under the age of 14 must obtain and submit the agreement of the legal guardian, in order to be able to participate in the service “KUG Student4OneDay”.

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