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How do I communicate...

… With contact persons of various divisions?

On our homepage you will find an overview including contact details of:

- Important contact points of KUG

- Teachers of KUG

... via the KUGonline system?

KUGonline is the campus management system at KUG, through which students of KUG can undertake all organizational activities related to their studies (e.g. registration for courses and exams, printing the enrolment log, study confirmation etc.). Furthermore participants of courses will be notified by e-mail about schedule changes and can also use e-mail distribution lists themselves.

The KUGonline business card also provides access to the student e-mail account. All students of KUG receive a KUG e-mail address automatically when they do the enrolment. Students of KUG are obliged to check their e-mails on a regular basis!

Further Information can be found here:


IT infrastructure for students of KUG

- IT user rooms:

e.g. at Brandhofgasse 21 (E.35 and E.36)  

(see also the information sheet of the Welcome Center „Good to know“) 


- WLAN access etc.:

  • Internal: kugstudent for students of KUG

This is a secure, encrypted access. Account details are your user name and password of your KUGonline account.

  • External: Guest accounts must always be set up and activated in advance. 
  • eduroam: can also be used at KUG.

Further Information:

Stay up-to-date at KUG

Social Media channels of KUG (selection):


- KUG Facebook page

- KUG Facebook group

- Welcome Center Facebook page

- International Relations Facebook page

- Career Service Center Facebook page

- Institute Oberschützen (Facebook page)

- Institute Oberschützen (group e.g. for ride shares)

- Institute Oberschützen (group for study relevant information)

- ÖH-KUG Facebook page

- KUG Twitter Account

- KUG Youtube Channel

- KUG Instagram page

- Welcome Center Instagram page


NOTE: An overview about all social media channels of KUG can be found in the information sheet of the Welcome Center!


… Via my KUG e-mail account or KUGonline?

- KUGonline:

- KUG e-mail account: (as well as via your KUGonline buisness card)

… Via a mobile phone (so-called ”Handy”)?

Providers of mobile phones (contract or prepaid card*) are among others:

- A1

- bob 

- Drei

- HoT

- Magenta

- yesss!


- Further overview on Austrian mobile providers and rates (German language only)  

- Here is a mobile phone rate simulator of the AK (German language only)  

* New since 2019: required prepaid card registration


… Via landline telephone and/or internet at home?

Providers for landline telephony and internet at home are among others:

- A1 

- Drei

- Magenta  

- HoT


Here you can find a landline telephony tariff simulator of the AK (German language only)

In addition, the above-mentioned providers of mobile telephony also offer mobile internet.

Please pay attention to the different terms, conditions and notice periods when concluding a contract for telephony and internet!


Here you will find WLAN hotspots of the city of Graz for free WLAN without password / registration

Near KUG e.g.: TRIBEKA Leonhardstraße 82, 8010 Graz / Opera Graz, Kaiser-Josef-Platz 10, 8010 Graz

Here you can find internet cafés in Graz

TV & Radio

There are three public television channels in Austria (ORF I, ORF II, ORF III), as well as numerous domestic and foreign private broadcasters.

Here is a rate comparison for cable television (German language only)  

Here you will find the radio stations which can be received in Austria

IMPORTANT: For your television or radio reception receiver you have to pay broadcasting fees (GIS / “Gebühren Info Service”); exception: e.g. remission for recipients of the study grant; all information here.

Any questions or comments? This page is edited by the Welcome Center of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz.