Studying & Working

Whether you are allowed to work in Austria basically depends on:

  • Your nationality
  • The kind of work/employment and
  • The kind of your residence permit (refers to nationals from third countries)


>>> Further information ca be found in the information sheet of the Welcome Center as well as here:



Citizens of the EU/EEA countries and Switzerland are allowed to work in Austria without requiring any special work permit.



Nationals from “third countries” (non EU/EEA or Switzerland) with the Residence Permit Student are required to follow the regulations of the Austrian Act Governing the Employment of Foreign Nationals (“AuslBG”) (note that any violation of the mentioned regulations will lead to fines, up to losing your Residence Permit!), therefore:

  • Beware of the limited working hours!
  • Beware of the required work permit!



HINT: In case of further questions or if you are in doubt please enquire directly at the Public Employment Service [“Arbeitsmarktservice” (AMS)] or the Chamber of Labour (“Arbeiterkammer“) before taking up a job!

Kind of work/employment


  • Employment with an Employment Contract (“Unselbstständige Beschäftigung mit Dienstvertrag”):

>>> Characteristics (German language only! See also information sheet)


Information for third country nationals:

A work permit is required and must be applied by the employer at the Public Employment Service in advance.

For students a labor market examination, a so-called “Arbeitsmarktprüfung” (if 20 hours/week will not be exceeded) is not required (this kind of examination concludes whether another suitable work capacity is available for the targeted position in the Austrian job market). Note: A work permit is even necessary for minimal/marginal employments!


20 hours per week may not be exceeded if you have a Residence Permit Student!



  • Self-employment with a contract for work and labour (“Selbstständige Erwerbstätigkeit mit Werkvertrag”) | Gainful employment with a freelancing employment contract (“Erwerbstätigkeit mit freiem Dienstvertrag”):

>>> Characteristics (German language only! See also information sheet)

Whether an employment permit is required must be clarified in advance! Pay attention to social security, tax and trade law regulations!

After graduating

After you have completed your degree programme, for the purpose of seeking employment (and in compliance with the applicable requirements), you can one-time apply for a renewal of the "Residence Permit Student", which means that the period of residence can be extended up to 12 months.

Furthermore graduates can apply for the Residence Permit Red-White-Red Card then. In order to be able to obtain this Residence Permit, however, an adequate job equivalent to the training level must be demonstrated with a given monthly gross salary.

Information about entry, residence and employment of foreign artists can be found here:

Job search

> Information by the Career Service Center

(Job information and Impresario Services)


> Notice board ("Mitteilungsblatt") of KUG

(You can e.g. apply as a Student Assistant at KUG)


> Information by the ÖH-KUG

Please mind:

> Please note in each case the earning exemption limits when referring to various grants and scholarships!

> Please also mind the information about the graduation scholarship  for employed students of KUG: Application form & decree of the rectorate (German language only!)

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