University courses

Which courses should I visit or do I have to visit?

The courses, that you should/have to visit in the course of your (non) degree programme are specified in the respective curriculum. From the credit-hours-table you can find out which courses you will need to visit and also in which semester of your studies you should visit them.

A description of the types of courses of KUG can be found here.

Where do I find the KUG courses?

All courses can be found on KUGonline in the application: "All Courses":

⇒ here you can search for the course by following criteria: the lecturer who teaches the course, course title or course number

⇒ there are numerous other filter options, such as content, place, date, the respective institution or course type

How do I register for the courses?

For most of the courses you can register yourself via KUGonline. When you have found the desired course, you will find the button for course registration in the menu on the left.

Registration for courses in the main artistic subject is made via the Registrar's Office ("Studien- & Prüfungsmanagement") only.

It is important to note the relevant deadlines for course registration listed under Dates and Deadlines for the respective academic year.

Further Information

> TIP: You can visit the KUGonline instructions, which the ÖH-KUG offers for freshmen at the beginning of each semester!

> Here you can find information about reserving practice rooms at KUG (for already admitted students only!).

> For information about other (fee-based) practicing options in the city of Graz please contact the Welcome Center!

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