Welcome Information Day

Information event for new students

Is there an information event for new students?

Expected on 22 September 2020 the "Welcome Information Day" for the academic year 2020/2021 will take place. Here you will receive important information - in both German and English language - concerning the successful start of your studies and your orientation at KUG.

It is highly recommended to all that start their studies at KUG to join the Welcome Information Day! Also those who will take the entrance exam not before September should join the event.

For organisational reasons the application for joining the Welcome Information Day is requested (is coming soon here).


Note: The house rules (“Hausordnung”) as well as the fire safety and safety regulations (“Brandschutz- und Sicherheitsordnung”) of KUG have to be observed for the event.

Here you can find important information about photo and video recordings.

Which information has been provided at the Welcome Information Day?

Here you can find information materials about the most presented topics:

> Overview about KUG: Important facilities, study offers, sources of information, offers and services for students, places to study at KUG: Graz and Oberschützen

> ÖH at KUG: Presentation of the services and representatives of the Austian Students Union

> Psychological counseling service

> Especially for incoming students (transnational mobility programs): Specific Erasmus informations

> Vorstudienlehrgang (VGUH) - German language courses