Dining & Shopping

Dining options in Graz

Graz offers a broad selection of places to eat in various price categories. Hint: If you go out to eat, you must calculate that a meal plus a drink will cost you at least € 8 to € 10. It is customary to add a small extra tip up to 10% on top of this.

You will find several inexpensive student restaurants close to KUG as well as in the vicinity of the other three universities in Graz


You will find an overview of restaurants in Graz in the "Restaurant guide" by Graz Tourismus.


You will find a Mensa (canteen) at the following locations:

  • M-Cafe KUG, Brandhofgasse 21
  • TU Graz M-Cafe, Inffeldgasse 25
  • TU Graz Mia & Mason, Stremayrgasse 16
  • Uni Graz Mensa, Sonnenfelsplatz 1
  • Uni Graz M-Cafe, Vorklinikum, Harrachgasse 21
  • RESOWI-Cafeteria, Universitätsstraße 15 (at the RESOWI-Cafeteria you will find mainly snacks and drinks)

Dining options in Oberschützen

Here you can find several general hints on restaurants in Oberschützen.


KUG - students have the opportunity to receive a reduced lunch menu with their KUGcard at the "Bundesschülerheim Oberschützen".


Opposite the institute there is also a buffet in the Bundesrealgymnasium.


In addition at the Institute 12 there is the possibility to use a fridge, microwave etc. in the room of the Student Union.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the secretary of the Institute.

Student Statement

"Anyone who has neither time nor money to travel, but still wants to treat themselves to dishes from all over the world, will definitely find something in Graz: From Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese over Indian, Polish or Persian to dishes from the Balkans and typical Austrian cuisine, vegan food, snacks or when having big hunger, there is something for everyone! And since tastes are known to be different - as well as it is in music - you can also simply cook your favourite dishes yourself: regional foods can be found for example in the farmers´ markets, oriental food is available in special shops"

(Kajetan, Bachelor´s Programme Jazz)

Did you know...

... that since the year 2008 Graz has been the "city of culinary delights" of Austria due to its regional, fresh products, the Mediterranean way of life and the extraordinary culinary offer?

Shopping options in Graz

Spread out over the whole downtown area of Graz are grocery stores belonging to the different supermarket chains (e.g. Spar/Eurospar/Interspar, Billa, Merkur, Lidl, Hofer etc.) as well as various small shops (e.g. also those providing foreign specialties).

For example, there is a Spar supermarket in Graz close to all of the campus locations of KUG.

Most of the grocery stores are open Mondays to Saturdays at the latest from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. Some of them stay open a bit longer on Fridays. On Saturdays they are only open until 6:00 p.m. Almost all stores are closed on Sundays. If you wish to go shopping after these closing hours, then you can do so, for example, at the Spar supermarkets at the main railway station, in Hans-Sachs-Gasse, or at the airport.

Most of the other shops are open Mondays to Saturdays between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. The larger shopping centers are also open somewhat longer.

There are also several farmers' markets in Graz where you can buy regional products from agricultural productions, the biggest one is located at Kaiser-Josef-Platz. You can find all farmers'markets in Graz and their opening hours here (in German language only).


Information by Graz Tourismus


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Discounts of ÖH-KUG:

> "Mensastempel" (mensa pass) for a  price reduction at the Mensa (canteen)

> "FreiTischaktion" for eligible students  

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