There are social insurance agreements with some countries, which means that students with a valid state health insurance in their home country only need an European Health Insurance Card [“Europäische Krankenversicherungskarte” (EKVK”)] here in Austria. Notice that not every student is automatically insured in Austria. If you are not insured, you have to bear the costs for doctors and/or hospital stays on your own! Anyone who does not have an insurance (e.g. not insured with relatives etc.) therefore has to apply for self-insurance, as this is also a prerequisite for the residence permit (for third-country nationals) as well as for the registration certificate ("Anmeldebescheinigung" for EU/EEA/Swiss nationals) in Austria.

Basically, in the health insurance there are three different types of self-insurance:


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Self-Insurance for Students

If you have no social insurance (e.g. because you are not self-employed or because you are not insured under your parents’ plan), you are not insured in case of sickness! In this case, you have (among the respective prerequisites) the possibility of applying for an inexpensive insurance policy for students ("Studierendenselbstversicherung") at the "Österreichische Gesundheitskasse (ÖGK)".


HINT: Students from EU/EEA and Switzerland can use their European Health Insurance Card in Austria as long as they have a valid health insurance in their home country.

Important Hints

Important hint concerning the Self-Insurance for Students:

The start of the Master´s Programme has to take place not later than 30 months after completing the Bachelor's Programme; the start of the Doctoral Programme has to take place not later than 12 months after completing the Master's Programme, in order to be entitled (among other prerequisites) to self-insurance for students at the ÖGK.


Take note: Without a valid health insurance policy, you have to pay the total costs of medical care in Austria yourself!


For students from third countries, a valid health insurance in Austria is a precondition for the residence permit.



Further Information

> Private insurances: An alternative option for self-insurance for non-EU/EEA students offers e.g. FeelSafe. For further information about alternative insurance options, please contact the Welcome Center.  

> In any case, as a member of the Austrian Student Union (ÖH) you have automatically accident and liability insurance. You become a member of the ÖH through paying your ÖH fee, which you have to pay every semester. You will find further information about this insurance here.

> General information about the health insurance in Austria can be found here.

> Information about illness & health care in Austria can be found here.

> Here you can find information about the insurance of musical instruments.


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