Knowledge of German language

In order to be admitted to the study programme, basic knowledge of the German language is required upon application / admission. Furthermore in the curricula of the study programmes the provement of a certain level of the German language is required later (in some study programmes already BEFORE admission). 

Early learning German language definitely facilitates living in Graz or Oberschützen, getting in touch with other students, orienting oneself in the study programme and following lectures. Therefore, we highly recommend attending a course of German language already at home before going to Graz or Oberschützen.

  • The Österreich-Institut offers courses in Austria and several countries in south and eastern Europe
  • The Goethe-Institut offers courses worldwide
  • But also have a look for local institutes or schools too and please mind which certificates will be accepted at KUG!

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Required German language competency at application/admission

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German language course at VGUH

In case you need to take a supplementary exam to prove that you have sufficient knowledge of the German language, in order to be allowed to continue your studies, you should definitely prepare yourself by taking a supplementary language course at the University Preparation Programme Graz (so-called "VGUH")!

Hint: The VGUH does not offer A1 / A2 exams! 

Further German language courses for students and university employees are offered by Treffpunkt Sprachen. These courses are especially recommended for all those who are not required to take a supplementary exam to prove that they have sufficient knowledge of the German language (e.g. ERASMUS incoming students). In certain cases (e.g. ERASMUS incoming students) a part of the cost of taking these courses will be refunded after proof is shown of participation. If this applies to you, please enquire at the Department for International Relations. This must be done before you start the course.

In case you must take a supplementary exam in the course of your studies to prove that you have sufficient knowledge of the German language, you can take these courses in addition to the German language course by the VGUH, or you can take these courses in order to intensify your language competency even after you have successfully passed the supplementary exam.

Accepted Certificates

  • Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch (ÖSD)*


  • Goethe-Zertifikat*  


  • Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH)*


  • Deutsches Sprachdiplom der Kulturministerkonferenz (DSD)* (only for taking the exam)


  • TELC*


  • ÖIF (Österreichischer Integrationsfonds)* 


  • Graduation of 8 school years at a German-speaking school
  • 4 years of German lessons in secondary level II (“Sekundarstufe II”) and a school leaving certificate (“Matura”) in the school subject German
  • School leaving certificate (“Matura”) which was examined in German language 
  • Academic degree of a study programme with German language as language of instruction  


* Must not be older than 2 years