Studying Internationally

The diversity at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz is characterized by its international regular students - more than 50% of the students come from around 70 different countries - as well as its temporary admitted exchange students who participate in international mobility programmes such as Erasmus+ etc.

Depending on whether you want to start a whole degree programme at KUG or you want to study only for one or two semesters at KUG, you have to mind different steps, e.g. with regard to the required visa, the insurance, the required German language skills etc.

Here you will find all important information:

Studying as an international regular student (degree seeking)


>>> HERE you will find information for (prospective) regular students, who come from abroad and would like to complete an entire degree programme or non-degree programme at KUG.


Contact point at KUG: Welcome Center

Studying as an Exchange Student (e.g. Erasmus)


>>> HERE you will find information for (prospective) exchange students who would like to study at KUG for one or two semesters as part of an international mobility programme.


Contact point at KUG: Department for International Relations

Further Information

Here you will find information about the fields of study offered by KUG